Jerico is a distributor of a wide variety of work holding components. We are excited to introduce our new website to our customer base. This website will highlight all the great manufacturers we represent and to promote our online store. Also, we have special featured items that you can purchase thru a pay pal shopping cart instantly at a discount. These items will change periodically so make sure you check out this site often.

Featured Products

Business is a personal thing to us at Jerico Inc. I regularly hear from business associates the statement, “Don’t worry about this or that because it’s not personal it’s just business.” I personally don’t believe that to be true, for I take business at Jerico Inc. very personally. Each and every one of our customers means so much to me and to our family, and we take great pride in serving them. So if you believe that business should be a little more than being an account number and a name, give us at Jerico Inc. a try. You won’t just be an account number, you will become a friend.

Thank you,

Bill Blechschmidt

Jerico Inc.