--CEJN Medium Hose Reel 19-911-2131

CEJN Medium Hose Reel 19-911-2131


  • 14 meters long
  • 9.5mm ID x 13.5mm OD
  • 3/8 NPT Connection
  • Max 232 Psi
  • High flow and low pressure drop
  • Slow, strong retraction
  • Durable construction
  • Soft stop-ball prevents tripping


The CEJN Safety Reel is a durable reel that provides excellent performance thanks to its full-flow patented design that, unlike most reels, does not restrict flow. This provides maximum power to the customer’s tools, saving them both energy and time. This hose reel is ideal for a safe workplace. The slow retraction function, hose guiding, PUR hose, soft stop-ball to prevent tripping and anti-kink safety features are just a few examples of what makes these safety reels the best on the market. The reel can swivel 180 degrees allowing the operator to move around freely, and the slow retraction makes it safe and easy for anyone to handle. If a hose needs to be changed, this can be done easily thanks to its smart design.

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