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Industrial Toggle Clamps

Industrial toggle clamps are workholding tools used in various types of manufacturing processes. Toggle clamps give the user a simple solution to clamping a workpiece while a job is being completed. Toggle Clamps also provide an ergonomic benefit and boost safety by holding workpieces in place securely.

Jerico carries many different types of industrial toggle clamps, such as pull action clamps, pneumatic clamps, and clamps that are oriented vertically, horizontally, or for straight line action.

Use toggle clamps when you need to hold a workpiece in place for welding, gluing, cutting, drilling, or shaping it. A wide range of industries, including automotive and entertainment, use toggle clamps to hold everything from car parts to theatrical scenery and film set components in place. Woodworkers use toggle clamps to hold wood in place while glue sets.

Use toggle clamps anytime you need to securely hold a component with these easy-to-use and simple-to-remove clamps.