ERI America, Inc. offers a broad range of tooling and toolholding solutions from standards to specials that are designed and manufactured to exceed today’s demanding specifications for quality, accuracy and longevity. We are part of a group that has decades of experience in the metalworking industry in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our brands have earned an exceptional international reputation for delivering tight tolerances, to spec, long after their ROI has been realized.

ERI America’s product line includes: end mill holders, collet chucks, collets, tapping holders, shrink fit holders, milling chucks, boring tools, turning tools, lathe tools, angle heads, spindle speed increasers, shell mill holders, drill chucks, retention studs and blank bars. We feature CT, BT, ISO, BBT, BCV Big Plus, HSK, KM, KMXMZ & Capto Tapers in a variety of sizes, combinations and configurations. Quality, Customer Service, and Customer Satisfaction are our top priorities in meeting your ever-changing toolholding needs. Our technicians and sales staff are readily available in the office and out in the field to answer your questions and provide service. We look to establish a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with all our customers and will do whatever possible to ensure this. That is our promise to you.

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